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Solida Charter OY
Heikki Hurme
Rusthollinkatu 11 E 129
20800 TURKU
Puh. 0400 121 150
Fax. 02 235 3508
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Your captain Heikki Hurme

Solida Charter cruises offer you a splendid opportunity to enjoy yourself and to entertain your guests, and to marvel the beauty of the exotic landscape and nature of the Turku archipelago.

It is quiet and tranquil. The wind takes the sail. We glide effortlessly towards the island sauna - a traditional seaside sauna or a special chimneyless smoke sauna - that has been heated for us. After the sauna there is plenty of time to enjoy delicious dishes prepared especially for you. These are the basic ingredients that constitute an unforgettable, high-quality experience trip.


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